For over the last 15 years Tbilisi-based electronic music project Greenbeam & Leon is considered one of the pioneers and productive producers of Georgian Techno scene. Driven by their shared taste and passion for electronic music, 2002 marked the beginning of the musical cooperation of Achi Tabukashvili and Leon Lolishvili. Since their inception, with releases on Mo’s Ferry, ATT Series and Studio R, they are firmly rooted in the techno world. The main characteristic of their music centers around dark and groovy sonority, playful rhythm and dim sound. Their sets are dynamic and deep, and have been showcased internationally at Germany’s I Love Vinyl, Georgia’s 4GB and Open Air Festival and in clubs from Istanbul to Berlin and Warsaw. Nowadays, Greenbeam and Leon are still actively engaged in the process of composing music and Djing around the world, therefore contributing to the advancement of electronic music scene in Georgia. They constantly try to enhance their production with experiments and new discoveries.